Learn the Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry for Men

The way you look can impact your career, your love life and your self esteem regardless of gender. Concerned about their health and appearance, men of all ages seek out ways to look better, and their smile is no exception.

There are a variety of options in cosmetic dentistry that will improve a man’s smile. Designing a smile that fits a person’s face and personality is very important, especially in men. The male facial features such as a prominent square jaw line or shape of the nose all help to determine the shape and length of the teeth. Some men look best with a more square shape to their teeth, or a little more prominent canine tooth.

Many men have dental or medical conditions that affect their teeth which in time can detract from their appearance. For example, years of playing contact sports or rough housing with friends can result in trauma to the front teeth. This trauma can lead to broken teeth that have to be bonded or crowned throughout their lifetime. Tooth grinding and clenching known as bruxism, can wear away tooth structure over time that leaves the teeth vulnerable and exposed. A sometimes-silent condition known as acid reflux can dissolve away the enamel, leaving teeth thin and yellow. In these cases cosmetic dentistry not only restores the health and function of the teeth, but improves the appearance as well.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures for Men

Veneers are ideal for repairing chipped teeth, correcting crooked teeth or covering stains. By covering the existing tooth with a thin porcelain veneer, the tooth can be altered in color and shape that can dramatically improve your appearance! As a man with a high powered career that keeps him in the public eye, Tom B. felt he could benefit professionally from cosmetic dental services and had his smile transformed with veneers.

Cosmetic Bonding
Cosmetic bonding is an ideal, custom-made option to conceal severe stains, chips, overlapping and uneven teeth. Because cosmetic bonding is applied directly to the tooth, it offers additional support for the tooth and can expand naturally just like your teeth meaning it is less likely to cause cracks in existing teeth. Plus, our custom-made bonding options are perfectly matched to your natural tooth color!

Crowns are synthetic caps placed on the top of an entire tooth to restore its function and appearance following a restorative procedure such as a root canal. They can also serve an aesthetic purpose by restoring stained teeth to their natural appearance. For Dr. Smith’s patient Damien, crowns helped him achieve the smile he wanted for both his personal and professional life.

Tooth Whitening
Studies have shown that people with white smiles are perceived as more successful, more intelligent, and happier in their careers. With professional whitening, men can achieve a brighter smile in a quick and easy procedure that only takes one to two hours and offers immediate and lasting results.

Straightening teeth doesn’t have to involve unsightly metal anymore. Invisalign invisible braces are a removable, non-metal, effective way to straighten your teeth and are ideal for working professionals.