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The Science of Tooth Decay

Years ago when I was contemplating going to dental school, there was rumor that the occupation of dentist would soon become obsolete. Like a typewriter repairman or a switchboard operator, someday fixing cavities would be a thing of the past. Public water fluoridation, sealants and six-month cleanings were all that was necessary to rid humans of this disease and scientists were touting a vaccination for the bacteria that caused tooth decay.

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Eating for Life Alliance

As a Boston Dentist who is committed to full body wellness, Dr. Jill Smith is constantly educating her patients towards pursuing healthier lifestyles. One focus of Dental Health & Wellness Boston is treating the dental consequences of those struggling with eating disorder such as bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating. This is why Dr. Smith is excited to partner with Eating for Life Alliance in an attempt to further the education of those at risk of such dangerous and personal disorders.