Complete Dental Care

When you visit Dental Health & Wellness Boston for a routine dental visit you will get a complete diagnostic examination that ensures your overall well-being is addressed. Our examinations include oral cancer screening and treatment planning, risk assessment, periodontal disease screening, TMJ, bitewings evaluations, and a thorough review of your teeth for weakness, decay, or problems. We use our expertise and advanced technologies to offer you the most effective laser cavity detection and digital radiography, a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional x-rays.

Diagnosing Oral Cancer Screening and Treatment Planning

Dentists are in a unique front-line position to diagnose oral cancer. We are trained to detect the signs and symptoms of oral cancer before they have a chance to develop into serious problems. In its earliest, most treatable stages, oral cancer usually causes no pain or discomfort. If left undiagnosed, oral cancer can progress to more advanced stages.

While it only takes a minute for us to do the free, painless, oral cancer screening, the results can save patients from difficult repercussions in the future. Our thorough examinations have discovered several precancerous and cancerous lesions that may have gone undetected, and have saved our patients’ lives.

Digital Radiography – The Eco-Friendly Digital Dental X Rays

We use digital radiography, the most modern form of x-ray. Not only is digital radiography a more eco-friendly practice than traditional x-rays, the practice is healthier for our patients, exposing them to 70-90% less radiation than with traditional x-rays. While digital x-rays still require a patient to “pose” for a picture, the process and result are dramatically different. Instead of film, a highly sensitive electronic receptor is inserted into your mouth. An electronic image is captured instantaneously and stored in our computer’s database. These digital x-rays give us a clear, high-resolution view of teeth, bone, root, and tissue which we use to provide you with the best and most efficient dental care possible.

Laser Dentistry with DIAGNOdent™ Laser Cavity Detection

DIAGNOdent is a revolutionary dental laser tool that safely and effectively detects changes that might not be visible on a traditional x-ray. When we direct the laser light source at your tooth, abnormalities on the tooth’s surface, such as the start of a cavity, causes a different type of light to be bounced back to the instrument. This light is transferred into an acoustic signal, which is evaluated by a control unit. DIAGNOdent allows us to quickly catch dental issues that could later become problems.

Periodontal Disease Screening

When you choose Dental Health & Wellness Boston as your dental healthcare provider, regular checkups and cleanings routinely include periodontal disease screening to ensure optimum dental health. Data is collected to measure and record your periodontal (gum and bone) condition including periodontal pocket depths, recession, bleeding points, inflammation indicators, etc. Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy is available in our Boston office for mild to moderate periodontal disease.

We have an extensive referral service which includes Periodontal specialists should you require their expertise.
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