Personalized Dental Healthcare

Dental healthcare is an individualized patient-centric experience. At the core of our philosophy is the importance of preventative care and education involving you as our dental health partners. Our approach incorporates much more than just the traditional elements you would expect from a dental practice.

Your Routine Dental Checkup

Our hygienists are trained in the latest procedures and diagnostic techniques to keep your teeth healthy over your lifetime. In addition to brushing and flossing techniques and nutritional counseling, they can discuss which fluoride and remineralizing products are right for you.

Expect the highest quality and comfort from your regular cleanings. When you choose us as your Boston dentist you should also expect non-invasive procedures for restorative or preventive dental health conditions and a tailor-made program that meets all your dental health needs.

Keep Your Mouth Healthy

How often you should visit Dental Health and Wellness Boston depends on your predisposition to certain dental health risks, certain medical conditions, medications, history of gum disease or elevated tooth decay rate. Even orthodontic treatment may increase your need for professional cleaning.

Talk to us about how often you should schedule routine checkups and cleanings.