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Real Stories: Emergency Dental Trauma

Dental Trauma

“When I first became a patient of Dental Health and Wellness Boston, I was looking for a dentist that could fix my previous dental work. I had my front teeth re-bonded twice before entering Dr. Smith’s office, neither time done to my satisfaction. In one visit, Dr. Smith used cosmetic bonding to repair my front teeth to look as good as new, dramatically better than any previous work I had done!"

“In February 2011, Dr. Smith came to my rescue when I had a nasty fall that broke the bonding on my front teeth and cracked several teeth. I called into the office first thing the next morning (my accident had happened on a Sunday), and I was in the dentist chair by 10am. It was amazing – Dr. Smith and her team not only repaired the damage to my teeth but with cosmetic dentistry procedures including crowns, veneers and tooth whitening, they gave me the best smile of my life. Throughout the entire process, it was clear how invested the entire team was in not only the health of my teeth but also my overall happiness with the outcome. Their care and expertise after my accident was both reassuring and stress-free.”

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