“It’s been a really transformative process for me” “I notice that I smile more, I’ve received many compliments, not only about my smile and my teeth, but also about my demeanor and my confidence level.” “Dr. Smith and Brenda really helped change my life.”


A few of our satisfied patients:


My husband and I are patients of Dr. Smith and we are so appreciative of her care over the last year. I was referred to her by numerous people in my office that have been her patients for years. She’s a nurturing and caring dentist. My husband did not go to a dentist for years because of anxiety. Even though one of his front teeth had cracked and he had numerous toothaches, he was still hesitant to go.

While at a visit with Dr. Smith for my own cleaning, I explained my husband’s situation. She was so kind and encouraging about it that I knew he would be in good hands with her. I convinced him to just meet with her and hear her plan and see for himself if he felt comfortable. He ended up loving the whole staff. He had a wonderful experience and raves about their office. Dr. Smith did a beautiful job fixing his cracked tooth – it’s flawless. She is replacing some of my old fillings that were no longer healthy and next is Invisalign.

I’ve wanted to straighten my teeth for a long time and she’s going to help me get the smile I’ve wanted for years. When she gave me the injection of novocaine, she gently rubbed my cheek. I found that to be so calming and soothing. She’s truly sensitive to those who are fearful of dentistry. If you’ve been putting off dental work because of anxiety, I encourage you to go in and talk with Dr. Smith. She understands and is very gentle.


“Dr. Smith’s office is beautiful, right in the heart of historic Boston. The old meets the modern-it is awesome. Jill never appeared rushed. She took time to explain every step and was relaxed and calming. She fixed my son’s front teeth and he is smiling so much more than he ever did before.”


“I never thought my teeth would ever get this straight. I finally have the smile that I’ve always wanted. Thank you Dr. Smith and the Dental Health and Wellness Staff.”


“My Sister-in-law comments how much she loves my teeth every time I see her. People I only see on occasion always say I look healthy and happy-as in “What have you done?” It is definitely because of the smile-but the nice part is people can never pin point exactly what the change is!”


“Hi Dr. Smith, I just wanted to let you know that I greatly admire your unique Dental Health and Wellness practice. With your unconventional holistic approach to dentistry and unrivaled patient care, you are sincerely an inspiration. I have spoken with several of your employees and countless patients during the internship over the past weeks who all describe your practice as nothing less than immaculate.

The work ethic you bestow on your employees is astonishing and they have assured me that there is no other dental practice anything like yours. Additionally, the fact that you and your employees have gone the extra mile in making sure that I learn and benefit from this experience on top of your busy work day has truly inspired me to pursue a career in dentistry.

Lastly, if you could please extend my thanks to everyone else in the office for all there help and knowledge, I would appreciate it. Especially Izzy who was an excellent teacher and mentor to me, he really helped me in deciding my career path and I learned a lot from him.
Thank you very much once again.”

Kasey N.

Hi Dr. Smith, Having cosmetic bonding done many times over the years with other dentists and being moderately satisfied with the results, I came to Dr. Smith hoping that she could fix my tooth for my upcoming wedding. It was important to me that it look similar to the adjoining tooth, since I knew I’d have hundreds of pictures taken that day; I wanted to look my best! Dr. Smith completely exceeded my expectations and matched the tooth absolutely perfectly. You would never know there was every anything wrong. No dentist has ever matched it so closely. Thank you for helping me to feel so great on such an important day!


“Invisalign has changed my life. I have so much more self confidence than I ever had before. I am no longer afraid to smile, and people have even told me that I smile too much. I have even gotten compliments from strangers saying how beautiful my teeth are.

Invisalign was the best investment that I have ever made. Thanks Dr. Smith!”


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your thoughful patient care. You made what had a tremendous potential to be an anxiety producing experience into an educational, supportive, seemless afternoon of healing…I really appreciate the time and attentionand focused high quality care you gave me.”


“Dr. Smith saved me from years of awkward braces at the end of my high school and the beginning of my college experience. She offered me a resolution to my dental problems that no other dentist was able to offer. Now I have the perfect teeth and I never had to get metal braces or surgery!”

B. Levine

“Dr. Smith and her team did an amazing job! I never thought my teeth could look as good as they do now and I am constantly getting compliments. I couldn’t be happier!”


“I was terrified of the dentist when I began but almost immediately Dr. Smith and her team put me at ease. Dr. Smith and Dr. Budd are very skilled and talented practitioners. Their assistant Izzy is wonderful and also very talented. Their hygienist is thorough, patient and kind. I owe her a debt of gratitude as she discovered the very beginnings of oral cancer in my throat in November of last year. It was human papilloma virus and required surgical treatment to remove, but thankfully it remains gone. I continue to see her ever three months for and oral check-up and teeth cleaning. Last but not least a nod of the head to their front desk staff who are tremendously helpful with scheduling, insurance and billing questions.

I recommend Dr. Smith’s office to everyone. They are the best.”


“I do want to thank you very, very much for being a wonderful dentist to me. I always thought the quality of your work, and the professionalism of the office was excellent, and I have been pleased to have referred 5 or 6 people to you over the years. I hope your practice continues to be a success, and in the event that I ever find myself back in the North East I would be pleased to re-establish myself as one of your patients. I love my new front teeth and the fact that no one even notices them is perhaps the biggest compliment of all: they just look so natural.

So thanks for everything, for your patience, for fitting me in on short notice, and all of the times I probably caused someone to rearrange their schedule in order to accommodate me. I wish you all the best…”


“If you’re ever in Boston Check out Jill Smith at the corner of State and Congress. Best dental practice I’ve ever seen. The hygienists spend the entire cleaning giving you a talk, in layman’s terms, about dentistry. It’s not too judgmental (if you’ve been bad) but extremely informative. Or, if you’d prefer, they have a DVD player and play station in every chair for you to entertain yourself while they work away. The actual dental equipment is also extremely up-to-date, but I’m nowhere near qualified to say any more than that. Dr. Smith is one thing I really miss about Boston since moving to Philly.”


“I had been to four other doctors in Boston, before finding Dr. Jill Smith and have been going to her practice for over 10 years now. I look forward to every visit!You get a full Smith Dentistry experience the second you come in, with friendly and excited staff, latest dental equipment and, of course, the gentlest of hands of Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith is a fantastic doctor, friendly and sympathetic and offers a wealth of experience. She and her stellar team go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. She even offers headphones, so that instead of listening to the procedure being performed, you can watch the latest DVD or listen to a wide selection of music.

A visit to this office is social and fun.

They say that a smile might be the most memorable thing about a person. A bright, healthy smile is invaluable to me in my social and professional life and Smith Dentistry helps me smile more!”

Read Julia’s Real Story


“I am an older woman who has always had a fear of the dentist. My son recommended Dr. Jill Smith after I had broken a couple of front teeth.

On my first visit, Dr. Smith did a comprehensive exam and said she would look everything over and we would discuss a plan next visit. She asked me what I hoped the outcome would be. I couldn’t answer but thought about it after I left. Next visit she discussed the plan and I told her that I wanted to look presentable. She began work immediately. She knew I was going on a trip so she worked on the broken teeth area and I had temporary caps that looked great!

I had lots of work done over a ten month period. Dr. Smith and her entire staff were very professional, but also kind and thoughtful putting me at ease. After a long session with Dr. Smith, I would get a call next day to see if I was OK. Most of the work is done – permanent crowns are in and so is the bridge of the bottom. My smile is broader these days thanks to Dr. Smith and her staff.”

Read Joan’s Real Story

Steve Z. from

“Jill Smith’s practice is that kind of full service dentistry practice. Every visit, it seems that Jill and her team have added new, cutting edge services, and are jetting on their way to yet another educational seminar to evaluate new methods, and learn from others in the field.

Jill is an extremely affable person, and talented and innovative with her methods. Also, Jill looks to hire professionals to her team who meet her practice’s standards, so even if you’re scheduled for a general hygiene app’t., or fillings, you don’t feel as though you’re being seen by second best.

So whether you require a general practice checkup, fillings, root canal, Invisalign braces, cosmetic dentistry — you name it — give Jill Smith and her team a try if you work in the State Street area, and you’re looking for a new primary dentist practitioner to make the most of your hard-earned dental insurance. You won’t be sorry. (If you go, tell ’em Steve Zimmerman referred you…)”

Meet Some of Dr. Smith’s Patients

Brother Richard J.

“It is so nice to have good Doctors work on your teeth, or any part of your body….I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your kindness to me while I was at the dentist…Everything has worked out so well for me and all the Doctors there seem so kind and concerned.”


“Dr. Smith….The day that I met you is the day you changed my life.”

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