Our Whole Body Approach to Dental Wellness

At Dental Health & Wellness Boston we are committed to helping you achieve better health through a comprehensive whole body approach to dentistry. With the utmost care and expertise, we address specific issues such as dental phobia, cardiac conditions, diabetes, bulimia, acid reflux, sleep apnea, migraines, pregnancy concerns, and more. With Dental Health & Wellness Boston committed to your well-being, you are guaranteed the highest quality care from one of the region’s most knowledgeable, unique and diverse dental practices.

“Thank you so much for your dental care for Matt and me. I’ve never met a dentist like you. We’ve been so happy with the results. The floss used to catch between the teeth you recently replaced the fillings on, and now it glides between them. Thank you!”
-Tammy R.

We Address Your Medical Issues with Compassion

It is our goal to keep our patients healthy through education and information on topics such as nutrition and supplements, healthy diet and exercise regimens, sleep and relaxation techniques, and the latest trends in green dentistry and eco-friendly oral hygiene products. Dental Health & Wellness Boston is the choice for health conscious men and women who want the very best dentistry for your health, your looks and your life.